I don’t believe luck has anything to do with finding love.

Are there a few people who easily find love, with all the fixing’s? Yes, but you and I aren’t one of those people.
是不是总?#24515;?#20040;一部分人能通过各种手段,轻易就?#24403;?#29233;情。 事实的确如此,但是你我并不是这类人。

We’re the one’s who feel unlucky in love, left out and frustrated.

It seems so EASY for others and so damn hard for us.

We painfully watch everyone else get fall in love and get married, wondering…

‘When will it be my turn?

‘Am I so unlovable?’

‘What’s wrong with me?’

‘Why am I still single & stuck?

… And frankly, it sucks.

Worse, feeling unlucky in comparison to everyone else only creates more unworthiness and helplessness.

Like dating and looking for love wasn’t hard enough!!

If you know anything about my story, you know I spent 20 long years being a single, great catch. First by living with Mr. Wrong who wouldn’t commit, broke my heart and who I allowed to rip me off of my time, happiness and money to 10 long years of dating before I found my Mr. Right.I made every mistake possible. And I dated every different kind of man you can imagine. And wow, did I learn

Between my own life experience and my clients, I have seen it all, what I no longer have are any illusions or excuses about how finding love actually works.

Ignorance wasn’t bliss: I am grateful, I woke up and grew up and stopped waiting and wishing for love.

One of the most powerful things I did was abandon the whole idea of LUCK.

Imagine for a moment there was NO such thing as being LUCKY or UNLUCKY IN LOVE.

Imagine there is no destiny, no meant to be soulmate, just what you choose from an open array of choices in the buffet called life.

What would change? How might you ACT, THINK or FEEL differently? What would almost magically transform now that you no longer believe you’re unlucky, unworthy, flawed or cursed?The problem with LUCK…

The problem with ‘luck’ is that it’s passive. It convinces you, that all you have to do is wait and one magical day your wish for LOVE will be fulfilled. Like, Rapunzel in the Grimms Fairytale, the myth of sitting beautifully on your princess cushion awaiting your dream man to come rescue you, needs to be challenged.

Believing in LUCK or destiny means waiting for love so life can finally begin.The flawed belief that destiny will find you, rather than you meeting your own destiny by stepping up and digging in, keeps you hoping, wishing, praying, dabbling and desiring without getting anything done except in your mind.

This Magical notion that LOVE JUST HAPPENS, ONE LUCKY DAY, actually blocks you from attracting it.

Destiny isn’t a thing that exists outside of you, but an energy you create from your own presence and commitment that is so compelling, the universe, God, divinity – whatever you call it, steps up, takes notice and synchronistically places love in your path.
命运和你并不是分割的两部分,而是你根据本我的存在和?#20449;?义务,可以是十?#20013;?#22937;的东西,万象,神,神性。 不论你怎么称呼它,大步向前吧,留意着,同时在你生命的旅途中小心安放你的爱情。

Then, fate steps back, crosses it fingers and says, be real, be present, put love first and don’t screw it up by closing off and shutting down.

Here’s what you MUST be willing to do to be lucky in love!

(It’s everything I did to meet my mate)

Be committed, courageous and determined even if you feel defeated, frustrated and helpless.

Be willing to fail: to have bad dates, say the wrong thing, make a fool of yourself, let your emotions get the best of you and then try again.

Be authentically you even if this means facing rejection (which is doubly hard if you care what others think. Do it anyway so you can be loved for you, just as you are).

Be willing to date despite all your excuses, justifications and complaints. Go on that next date even when a part of you wants to quit.

Be willing to confront the insecurities, mishaps, mistakes and patterns that are sabotaging your love life. Don’t take the easy road of blaming men or external circumstances for WHY you’re still single.

When you endure dishonesty, rejection or heartbreak, be willing to get back up, brush yourself off, inject massive doses of self-love into your system and date again. Think, that was then, this is now, I’ll try again).

Be vulnerable: fear, sweat, tears and all. Attracting and keeping real love demands you unmask, reveal who you are and open your heart. (there’s no other way).

Be willing to learn how to date, how to be in relationship and how to love. Grow in knowledge and ability with dedicated mastery.